Lab Reference


My negatives and their scanning needs can be divided into three basic categories, visual examples and descriptions of each of these categories can be found below. I'm looking for "flat scan" files that include the maximum amount of information the scanner is able to pull from the negative. This low contrast "raw digital negative" will give me room to work with the file in post.



High Key

White whites that hold detail of the contours in shapes or shadows, light tones that retain texture detail. Light tones were exposed about 2 1/3 stops over middle gray to keep texture and have room to be boosted in post if they seem to dingy.

Soft Light

Maximum detail in highlights creating dynamic texture filled skies or textures in trees and foliage. Shadows may be deeper and are not to be brought up in a way that sacrifices exposure detail/contrast in the mid-tones and highs. The Mid's in these images were placed at middle gray, highlights such as the sky were held back with ND Grads to keep texture in clouds and color in sky. Texture and color detail in sky is a priority over foreground/mid-ground. 


Moody, texture filled, darker skies and deep shadows. Scan for max detail out of highs and mid's allow deep shadows to be black and normal shadows with minimal noise. The highs in most of these images were metered 1 1/3 to 2 stops above middle gray.