I currently reside in Huntington Beach, California. I enjoy learning about intricacies, not doing math, and Thai tea.

Growing up near the mountains my childhood was filled with countless hours spent in the wilderness. As a young couple my parents moved from southern California to northern California in order to have easier access to the many beautiful lakes and mountains. Even before I could walk I was backpacking through the mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest. My parents sought to instill in their children the importance of experiencing the natural world. 

At a young age my father sparked in me an interest in photography, which led to a desire to pursue filmmaking. Because my small hometown had limited opportunities in this field I moved to Los Angeles to attend film school. Working as a video editor I picked up a camera as a way to explore my own creativity independently from the conjectures of creative directors, clients, and peers. I chose to use a film camera similar to that of my fathers as a way to reach back to my youthful intrigue and experience it with new access.

In 2012 I went on my first outdoor trip since I was a teenager. Everything was different, the natural world became dynamic and alive to me. I returned with a passion to experience the natural landscape and explore methods of expressing my experiences and observations of it.


Artist Statement

I believe stripping away the technological aspects from the photographic process creates a more physical and emotionally immersive experience. Through the visualization of a scene onto the organic structure and natural colors of film I seek to create photographs that convey my experience of a precise and authentic perception. I strive to express my personal perceptions in a way that the photograph is less conscious of itself, allowing the viewer a more direct experience.